Equitable Remedies For Breach Of Contract

Equitable Remedies Do Not Include One Of The Following: Equitable Remedy Contracts can be viewed as tools that businesses use to avoid disputes. That is why contracts are often binding and legally enforceable. But that does not mean that a party or parties that are bound by a contract do not sometimes breach them. Breaching […]

Employee Poaching

Job Poaching Poaching Employees Competition among businesses is always viewed as healthy for the economy but sometimes rival businesses cross the line. One way they cross the line is by illegally poaching or raiding highly skilled employees from their competition. Poaching happens when a rival company or business hires a significant number of employees from […]

Trademark Infringement Defenses

Defense To Trademark Infringement Trademark Defenses Businesses often use trademarks to differentiate themselves from their competition.  A trademark can be a word, design, or a combination of designs and symbols that identify a unique service, product, or brand. A trademark also allows customers and clients to identify companies and unique products that they want.  But […]

Litigation Vs Arbitration

Arbitration vs Litigation Arbitration Vs Court There are many businesses that do not know the appropriate solutions when they have a dispute with another business.  The two most recommended solutions are either settling the dispute in a courtroom or resolving it through arbitration. Both litigation and arbitration are solutions that have strong and weak points. […]

Co-Ownership Of Property

Tenancy In Common Definition Joint Tenants With Right Of Survivorship To understand the idea of “tenants in common”, you need to realize that the word “tenant” in this case refers to owners, not renters.  That is why “tenants in common” is also referred to as co-ownership of property. In a situation where one of the […]

What Is A Docket Control Order

Docket Control Order Average Cost Of A Civil Lawsuit Litigation has become more costly and complex partly because of the introduction of computers and other forms of technology. Despite the fact that court processes that can be handled by technology are handled by technology, the number of documents in the lawsuit filing process has ironically […]

Release Of Lien Texas

Release Of Lien On Real Property Release Of Lien Texas Form To show that a lien has officially been removed on a property, you have to file a document called a “lien release” in the real property records of the county where the property is located.  A release of lien simply means removing the lien […]

Selling Real Estate Notes

Buying And Selling Real Estate Notes Mortgage Notes For Sale By Owner It is possible for real estate investors to buy and sell real estate lien notes. But these kinds of transactions are often complicated because the parties involved need to consider warranties, recourse mechanisms, representations and indemnity provisions. They also need to know whether […]

Wraparound Mortgage

Wrap Around Deed Of Trust Wrap Around Mortgage Texas Wrap around mortgage is a form of seller financing where the buyer remains responsible for the existing loan and the lien. In this situation, in this situation the buyer signs a wrap around note, which is a document where the buyer promises to continue paying the […]

Lease Options In Texas

Lease With Option To Buy In Texas Lease To Purchase Homes In Texas Lease options just like contracts of deed and lease-purchases are a type of executory contract. But lease options in Texas give the buyer the option of purchasing the property, but it has no terms concerning how the complete payment will be made. […]