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Call the residential attorneys at the Law Office of Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC: There is nothing more frustrating than finding construction defects in the dream home you designed.  Construction defects can lead to a plague of problems such as water penetration and poor drainage that can result in  issues such as growth of black mold. This type of mold may cause neurological and respiratory problems.

If the drainage issues are not repaired, your walls may start cracking and sinking. This means you cannot ignore even the smallest defect in the structure of your home. There are actions you can take if you only became aware of the construction defects weeks after you did your walk through and took the title. What you need in this situation is an experienced residential construction defects lawyer.

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 | Teresa Scott

We were in the process of building a home, and noticed that our builder was doing a lot of things against code, and we even noticed obvious mold issues in the home. When we expressed concern over each time we visited the build site, and even took videos and photos of the problems even our untrained eyes could see, the builder insisted that we were going to have to basically put up with it and be forced to buy the house, or walk away losing every bit of money we had put in (they made us pay for 25% of all upgrades up front). That was half of our life savings. Well, we took a different tack. We hired a mold inspector and we hired Kurt Carpenter as our attorney. One very well written letter by our wonderful Attorney Kurt Carpenter, plus the mold inspection, and we were off the hook with the builder. I believe it is important for any new home builder to have access to three things. A great general home inspector, a great MOLD inspector, and a wonderful attorney like Kurt. Between the three, they saved us many thousands of dollars of court battles, not to mention the untold stress of having to go through it. I cannot praise him enough. Thank you!

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Liability In Construction Defect Cases

In most situations, liability or responsibility for injury caused by construction defects falls on the architect/engineer or contractors/subcontractors. The contractor is liable because it is the contractor’s duty to construct a home according to building codes and industry standards. That means that the builder must construct a home that preserves its expected value, secures the owner’s investment, provides a reasonable lifestyle to the owner and does not negatively affect the owner’s health.

Any person that has constructed a new home should expect that the house will last for many years and that its value will appreciate with time. The developer or builder must repair any construction defects that go against these expectations. Sometimes even the manufacturer of the defective materials used in the construction of the home must remediate the damage and compensate the owner for any injury that results.

Types Of Construction Defects Common In Houston

Houston Residential Construction Defects LawyerConstruction defects can occur during the design phase or the building phase of a home. There are different construction defects that can cause a variety of problems for homeowners. The most common types of costly construction defects in Houston include:

  • Poorly installed roofing
  • Improperly installed windows and doors
  • Faulty drainage or plumbing system
  • Cracks on floor, wall, roof and foundation
  • Improperly installed heating and electrical
  • Architectural design issue that can weaken your home’s structure
  • Missing structural support
  • Mold growth caused by leakages or water intrusions

Steps To Take If Your New Home Has Construction Defects

Sometimes all you need to do for a minor construction defect to be fixed is to report the problem to the  developer or builder. A developer that wants to maintain their reputation is likely to respond positively if your claim is supported by a report from a reputable and licensed building inspector. But in most cases, developers move on to other projects as soon as they get paid.

If the developer or builder does not respond to your report, then contact an experienced Houston residential construction defects lawyer as soon as you can.

Why You Need A Residential Construction Defects Lawyer

A knowledgeable and skilled lawyer knows what legal tools to use to compel the builder or developer to make repairs or compensate you. Your lawyer can help you fight for  compensation for damages to your quality of life, health, home value and other injuries caused by construction defects. Depending on your type of case, a resolution can be reached either through negotiation between your lawyer and the builder or through the court system.

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Texas Construction Defects Lawyer FAQ

Can I sue my home builder?

Most likely yes. Every case will be different, but our construction defects attorneys help clients sue their home builder when it is necessary. Call our office for a consultation.

What is a constrution defect?

In certain cases this legal term is defined by the Contract between you and your builder. In certain cases, there is no contract. Many times this can be a matter of fact to be decided by the court. In any case, it's best that you call your construction defects lawyer to explain the situation and they can help you decide if you have a construction defect that would hold up under judicial review.

How much does a construction defect lawyer cost?

The cost of your litigation will depend on the complexity of your case. In certain situations, the Plaintiff might end up paying zero dollars for the litigation if they are awarded certain fees, costs, and damages by the court. It would be best for your to call our office to speak to an attorney about potential costs.