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Wrap Around Mortgage Texas

Wrap around mortgage is a form of seller financing where the buyer remains responsible for the existing loan and the lien. In this situation, in this situation the buyer signs a wrap around note, which is a document where the buyer promises to continue paying the remaining loan balance. Meanwhile the buyer gets title through a warranty deed of trust after making a down payment.

To understand the whole process you need to understand how wrap around transactions are conducted.

How Wrap Around Transactions Are Done

Wrap-Around Mortgage Texas

In this type of transaction, sellers usually owe a certain amount to a lender on the sales price of the property. The buyer has to sign a “wrap around note” that is simply a promise by the buyer to pay the property’s sale price balance but at a higher interest rate.  Buyers do this by making monthly payments on the wrap note and the seller makes payments to the first-lien lender.

Since the monthly payments made by the buyer exceed the amount of monthly payments the seller makes to the first-lien lender, the seller makes a profit. This type of arrangement can take various forms depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. For example, a seller may get a second mortgage on the property to wrap around the old mortgage and then the buyer helps pay back the two loans.

You can use wraparound mortgages for both residential and commercial properties.

Wrap Around Agreements

Wrap Note

Wraparound MortgageWrap around terms can take various forms as long as the principle of the agreement remains the same. But first the seller and buyer must sign the earnest money contract. This contract should have an addendum that sets the terms of the wrap and then at closing a detailed summary of the comprehensive wrap around agreement must be prepared.

But there is no need to have an earnest money contract if the buyer and seller are agree on the terms and are ready to move forward. In this case, all they need to do is request an attorney to draft wrap documents for immediate closing. The documents included in wraparound documentation are:

  • A wrap note with the buyer’s signature
  • A wrap deed of trust securing that secures payment of the wrap note
  • A warranty deed that conveys title to the buyer
  • A wrap around agreement with miscellaneous information

Sometimes a short-term note is necessary if the buyer only pays part of the down payment and promises to pay the rest in the future.

Difference Between A Wrap And A Contract Deed

What Is A Wraparound Loan

Unlike a Contract Deed, a Wrap is not an executor contract because the transaction has already been executed. For this reason, the seller does not hang on to the deed but instead transfers it to the buyer. A contract deed is an executionary contract where the transaction is completed at a future date and the buyer only receives the deed once all the payments have been made.  For more information about how these contracts work, talk to an experienced Texas real estate lawyer.

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