Tortious Interference Texas

Texas Tortious Interference With Contract Tortious Interference With Contract Texas In business, competition can be tough. Tortious interference occurs when an individual or corporation unethically takes competition too far and unlawfully interferes with your business to harm it or prevent contract obligations from being fulfilled as promised. Businesses that have been harmed by tortious interference […]

Affirmative Defenses To Breach Of Contract

Breach Of Contract Affirmative Defenses Affirmative Defenses To Breach Of Contract Claim Facing a breach of contract lawsuit as a person, business or entity means that you may have to pay the plaintiff a certain amount for damages if you lose the case. So, you need an experienced lawyer that can meticulously review your situation […]

Lien Attorney

Construction Lien Attorney Construction Lien Attorneys Contractors provide the necessary materials and labor needed to complete real estate projects. This makes them uniquely vulnerable in situations where the property owners fail to pay them for the labor and the materials. Fortunately, contractors may have legal recourse to recover payment for labor and materials in such […]

Good Faith And Fair Dealing

Implied Duty Implied Duty Of Good Faith When a party or business you entered into a business contract frustrates your efforts to benefit from that contract, it may be time to seek justice. This is why the duty of good faith and fair dealing code exists. Every state has a way to enforce this duty […]

Texas Fraud Attorneys

Misrepresentation Lawyer Misrepresentation Attorney When a business or individual engages in deception in order to make a profit or gain an advantage against another business, it is called business fraud. Fraud situations are not uncommon in commercial transactions and contractual agreements. Fraud can be committed by employees, contractors, and competitors with the aim to siphon […]

Texas Fraudulent Transfer Act

Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act Fraudulent Transfer Texas Debtors sometimes try to avoid debt by transferring assets to a third party, which can make it more difficult for a creditor to collect what they are owed. For a business that extends a line of credit to a customer that does this, it can negatively affect […]

Disclosure Schedule

Disclosure Schedules What Is A Disclosure Schedule Disclosure schedules are a key part of complex mergers and acquisitions transactions. They are so crucial to M&A transactions that any error in these schedules could lead to litigation. This is because disclosure schedules are documents that provide fact-specific disclosures that support and supplement a seller’s warranties and […]

Special Appearance Texas

Texas Special Appearance Special Appearance In Court Texas attracts businesses from all across the nation and even from other countries. While this brings economic prosperity in Texas, it can cause a lot of issues if there happens to be a dispute involving out-of-state parties. It is in this situation where questions regarding court jurisdiction start […]

Texas Contract Law

What Makes A Contract Legally Binding In Texas Texas Statute Of Limitations Breach Of Contract You can always refer to Texas contract laws if your employee, business partner, or another business fails to abide by an employment contract or a business contract. But you have to provide proof of the breach before you can be […]

Types Of Reorganizations

Corporate Reorganizations Types Of Corporate Reorganizations Sometimes when an organization is having efficiency problems or wants to increase revenue, it chooses to reorganize its operations. Corporate reorganization is when a company changes departmental or internal structures to achieve a goal or objective. These kinds of changes are often made largely for efficiency and profitability and […]