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Understanding and Planning Your Estate

Attorney Kurt Carpenter Bio PicPeople often confuse estate planning with writing a will, and while the two may be related, estate planning typically covers a wider range of considerations.

Working with legal counsel from The Law Office of Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC, an estate planning attorney can help you make arrangements for the entirety of your estate and address aspects not necessarily included or relevant for a will.

For those that own and operate a business, estate planning can be extended to include any interests you hold in that business as well, allowing arrangements that address how your investments, taxes, and other matters should be handled. Call our office today to speak to an attorney.

The Woodlands Probate Lawyer – Estate Planning

The Law Office of Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC offers estate planning attorney services for businesses and individuals that own a business. When dealing with an entire estate, particularly one that holds any portion of interests in a business or contracts, there are many moving parts and aspects to put in order.

We offer legal counsel to work through this planning process to ensure that your affairs are sorted and situated. Call our office today to speak to an estate planning attorney.

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How Is Estate Planning Beneficial

An estate planning attorney can help you organize how your personal and professional investments are resolved after your life, often focusing on maximizing the assets and benefits for the sake of your surviving beneficiaries.

Organizing Your Assets

An estate encompasses almost all legal possessions or investments attributed to a person in their life. Even for those that may not consider themselves in possession of an estate, things like cars, stocks, or other matters that legally belong to an individual during life can be considered your estate.

While a Last Will & Testament is a legal document that often focuses on the distribution of those assets upon death, estate planning is more about organizing and managing those assets during life to increase or preserve their value and transmittance after death.

Estate Planning For Business Owners

The Law Office of Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC handles affairs for small businesses and contractors. This often extends to estate planning services for business owners or contractors with interests in their company.

In many ways, taking stock of your assets for estate planning is an opportunity not only to address how you’d like those assets to be handled in your absence, it also allows for time to reflect on various aspects of your business during life that you may wish to reorganize or redistribute in a more complex manner than a will accommodates.

Leave More For Your Loved Ones

Finally, estate planning is frequently used as a way to more thoroughly benefit loved ones, benefactors, wards, or business partners in your absence.

While “benefit” doesn’t always fit the solemn nature of estate planning, it’s easier to think of it as leaving behind more for those you cared for after death. Estate planning can be a way to invest or arrange a business in such a way that it doesn’t require your presence to continue being successful, or transfers ownership and legal rights to other parties for the sake of continuation.

Estate planning attorney services are essentially a broad array of legal considerations that can significantly impact those you leave behind. Call our office now to speak to an attorney.